Terms of Service

  • Agreement

    CloudMyFile.com is Your download friend.
    By subscribing to our site, CloudMyFile.com You agree to be bound by the following provisions.
    This provision may change at any time.
    All updates will be given on this site.

  • Explanation

    CloudMyFile.com is a provider of services that assist you in downloading files from torrent and filehostings.
    Moreover, CloudMyFile.com is an online file backup service providers.
    All files uploaded and downloaded by the user is not CloudMyFile.com responsibility.
    Each user is fully responsible for all uploaded or downloaded files.

  • Terms

    You are not allowed to share your CloudMyFile.com account to another cloudmyfile.
    We reserve the right to ban users who violate this rule.

  • File

    We reserve the right to delete your file at any time if there is a demand from the DMCA.

  • Maintenance

    We can do maintenance at any time.
    We will provide notification of maintenance to be carried out.